About Thermax Profetherm

Welcome to Thermax Profetherm- a division of the Thermax Group which aims at providing Profit from Heat solutions that are energy efficient and reduce operating cost.

With over 30 years of expertise in the field of Thermodynamics, Thermax Profetherm helps you extract even the last calorie available at your facility. Solutions in the form of absorption chillers, dry coolers, air cooled condensers, closed loop cooling towers are used in more than 100 applications and over 50 industrial segments for air conditioning, industrial cooling and heating.

Thermax Profetherm offers solutions from -40 ° C (-40 °F)to 90 °C(194 °F) by utilizing water at ≥ 80° C (176 ° F)/ vapour or steam at ≥ 0 bar (g)/flue gases from engine and turbines.
We have helped clients with eco-friendly air-conditioning and process cooling to reduce their carbon footprints. Our clients are present in 70 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, CIS countries, USA and South America.
Headquartered in Pune, India, Thermax Profetherm offers solutions to a wide array of industrial segments including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Steel, Textiles, Petrochemicals, Food and Beverages, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Complexes, Office Buildings, Educational Institutes, Airports among others.

Thermax Profetherm is differentiated by its three cornerstones:
-Reduction of operational cost
-Reduction in electricity consumption
-Reduction in the GHG emissions, Zero Ozone depletion potential


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