Thermax’s One Degree Chiller wins the CII National Award for Innovative Product

Thermax Ltd has won the ‘Innovative Energy Saving Product’ Award for its One Degree Absorption Chiller at the 18th CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in Hyderabad, India that concluded on September 1, 2017.

The prestigious ‘CII National award for Excellence in Energy Management’ award ceremony  was a part of the Energy Efficiency Summit 2017 in Hyderabad. Over 150 energy efficient companies across various sectors converged at the Energy Efficiency Summit to share their strategies and best practices on energy management.

Thermax’s One Absorption Degree Chiller is a glycol free vapour absorption system that produces chilled water at 1⁰C for industrial processes in dairy, food processing, chemicals etc. Glycol, though moderately toxic, is an anti-freeze agent commonly used in chilled water air conditioning because it cools below the freezing temperature of water.

By eliminating it, Thermax helps the client avoid hazardous leakage, corrosion and the recurring cost of replacing the costly solution. The 1⁰C chiller achieves glycol-free operation by enhancing the design of the heat exchanger.

Through this green technology, Thermax encourages the customer to make energy-saving cooling choices and shortens the payback time. The chiller also helps in reducing the customer’s carbon emissions per annum. The changed tube metallurgy safeguards against freeze failures. Our design modifications ensure uniform flow of clean and chilled water. Customers gain from lower maintenance costs and higher operational cost savings.

Winning this award for the second consecutive year demonstrates Thermax’s responsibility and commitment to environmental-friendly technology and business practices, with minimal or no impact on the environment.


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