Thermax’s Integrated Cooling & Heating Solutions for F&B Industry

The process of turning a raw product into a finished, processed product that can be sold directly to the customer requires a lot of energy. Thermax’s range of sustainable Cooling Solutions have been changing the way Food & Beverage (F&B) industries chill or heat.

Our energy efficient solutions work on the principle of waste heat recovery by reducing the energy costs of both heating and cooling as well as reducing the carbon footprints.

Cooling solutions like the Ultra Low Pressure Vapour Absorption Machine (VAM), One Degree vapor absorption chiller, Chiller-heater and Evaporative Condenser are used by F&B industries for applications like food processing, raw milk cooling, pasteurization, air dehumidification, comfort cooling, Ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing plants and aseptic packing among others.

Thermax’s Ultra low pressure VAM technology uses very low pressure water vapour (approx. atmospheric pressure of 1.013 bar) as the heat source for running the machine. It can also recover the water which is otherwise emitted into the atmosphere as vapour. This technology also use low pressure water vapour along with non-condensable gases (like air, nitrogen etc)

This technology can be used in food processing industries like Potato chips frying, noodles etc. where lot of water vapour at atmospheric pressure is emitted through the chimney. This can also be used in Chemicals and Petro-chemical industries where the emitted low pressure water vapour along with some non-condensable gases can be recovered through the cooling tower water.

Thermax’s high efficiency Chiller-heater provides simul­taneous chilling and heating. In these products 40% of heat required for generating hot water is recovered from low temperature chilled water, while the remaining 60 % is recovered from ex­ternal heat source. Thereby, 40 % reduction in direct external heat source can be achieved for heating the water as compared to conventional hot water generator. Additionally, chilled water is also generated simultaneously.

In many industries, particularly in beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical sector, the required process temperatures are below 5°C at various points along the manufacturing course. It may involve cooling a process fluid to lesser than 5°C or maintaining a storage/ packaging area at temperatures below. Thermax’s One degree chiller without glycol meets these cooling demands safely.

Our Evaporative Condenser helps optimize your processes at manufacturing plant. It utilizes axial fans to deliver maximized thermal performance over a wide range of heat rejection and temperatures. The spray of our condensers are designed to evenly distribute the water over the coil. The compact, modular designed condensers help in space optimization, making it easy to transport and install.

Thermax’s innovative and reliable solutions have been meeting the most demanding cooling applications in the industry. To know more on how Thermax can help cool your business better, write to



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