We at Thermax understand your need to optimize your processes and cut costs where possible in order to remain competitive. In our endeavor to innovate and create technology that changes the way the world cools, we have developed- ‘Thermax Evaporative Condenser’ to meet your process requirements.

Thermax Evaporative Condenser utilizes axial fans to deliver maximized  thermal performance over a wide range of heat rejection and temperatures to meet the cooling requirement of your business. Our evaporative condensers satisfy today’s dynamic needs including environmental responsibility, reliability and resilience and demonstrate our commitment to environmental and industry concerns.

The spray of our condenser is designed to evenly distribute the water over the coils. Apart from the lower maintenance and operating costs, Thermax Evaporative Condenser comes with a compact, modular design which helps in space optimization. This makes it easy to transport and install.

They offer you cost saving benefits as they eliminate the problems of pumping and treating large quantities of water. Thermax Evaporative Condenser helps optimize footprint and offer energy savings by providing lower power consumption to suit your project requirement and large product range.

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