MÖllerGroup, Germany partners with Thermax for Tri-generation Cooling System

IMG_4632The MÖllerGroup in Germany is among the leading global manufacturers developing modules for the automotive industry and construction parts for various industrial applications. They have made a tri-generation  CHPC (Combined Heat, Power and Cooling) system for which they are using Thermax’s Hot Water Chiller of 222 TR (780 kW) for cooling robots and for their plastic manufacturing process.

The tri-generation CHPC plant manufactured and installed as a complete package offers a whole host of energy saving potentials which when coupled with the need to use power at peak times is again a financially rewarding solution.

With the growing demand for high quality products from the end users, industrial manufacturers are carefully selecting suppliers who can help them produce high-quality products. At the same time, they look out for suppliers who provide first class technical service and can  help them achieve their goals as eco-friendly organizations, so as to gain a firm foothold in the global market. Thermax understands these requirements from customers, making us the preferred choice the world over.

To know more on how Thermax can help you meet your cooling requirements, write to CoolingInfo@thermaxglobal.com


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