Thermax Cooling bags prestigious order from Oil and Gas sector in South Korea


Petrochemical  refinery – Petronas is developing its long planned project to build a Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) complex at Pengerang in southeastern Johor, Malaysia. Samsung Engineering, South Korea placed a major order with Thermax for five  low pressure steam chillers with Thermax for the Petronas #RAPID project.

The customer placed an order for three chillers of 2413 TR each and for two chillers of
948 TR each. The chillers will be used for process cooling application at the Ethylene Oxide [EO] / Ethylene glycol [EG] plant. The order is a non-standardized order.
This was the first order for the Thermax Cooling Business form the Oil and Gas segment in South Korea. Bagging this order is a matter of huge prestige for Thermax as South Korea is known for their absorption technology. Despite options from local and global  Absorption chiller manufacturers, the customer decided to put their trust in Thermax.

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