THERMAX :A preferred cooling partner in Turkey and other overseas markets


As pressure mounts worldwide to phase out refrigerants that harm the environment, developing effective green alternatives holds the key to Thermax’s constant global success. Thermax’s range of innovative cooling solutions offers a long-term, cost effective cooling solution that comes along with easy installation and quicker paybacks.

Our strength lies in providing customized solutions as per the requirements of the customers. Thermax’s Cooling Solutions offer  improved energy efficiency and reduced negative environmental impact. Unlike electrical chillers, Thermax’s absorption chillers are powered by heat. These machines can run on a variety of heat sources, e.g. steam, hot water, liquid/gaseous fuels, exhaust gases and/or a combination of above.

Footprints in Turkey

With emerging demand for HVAC products in Turkey due to high urbanisation rate and increase in construction and renovation of sites, Turkey’s HVAC market is both, evolved and dynamic. Since its first order in Turkey in 2004, Thermax now has close to 50 installations in the country, covering various sectors.

Thermax recently supplied chillers to two leading hospitals, Dia Bilkent and Dia Mersin, in Turkey. Both hot water fired single effect systems are to be used for air conditioning – four chillers of 630 TR in Dia Bilkent and a 1230 TR chiller in Dia Mersin.

While Erzurum Mall uses a 557 TR double effect chiller heater for its air conditioning, Etis Bakir, a fertiliser unit has installed a 530 TR steam driven chiller for process cooling. The customer network of Thermax Cooling business now spreads also to Croatia and Azerbaijan.

At the Green Gold Complex commercial centre in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, Thermax absorption chillers provide chilled water for air-conditioning during summer and hot water for district heating during the winters. They work on the exhaust from two GE Jenbacher engines of 637 kW capacity set up for captive power. This project also has a 700 kW compression chiller as backup.



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