Denmark’s District Heating companies opt for Thermax heat pumps


In the wake of the Paris Climate Conference, there is renewed focus on the role of district heating and cooling systems in sustainable cities. They offer cost-effective opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while  improving energy efficiency.

Since its first installation in 1999, Thermax has been assisting Scandinavian district heating companies with its absorption heat pumps– an integral component in their energy equipment configurations.

Recently, Thermax bagged an order from Silkeborg heating company that placed an order  for 7000 kW single effect steam drive heat pumps and two 12000 kW double effect steam driven heat pumps. Other district companies such as Hasle and Hammel also placed orders for hot water driven heat pumps. The orders came through Scandinavian Energy, Thermax’s long standing Danish distributor.

District heating is an energy concept where waste heat from industrial sites and waste incinerators or underground geothermal heat is used for warming water used in public space heating networks. Thermax heat pumps absorb heat from these sources and preheat the water delivered to the buildings. This mode of heating is more efficient, cheap and has lower carbon emissions.

District heating and CHP have been and continue to be –key ingredients to Denmark’s green transition. According to the Danish Energy Agency, 63 % of all Danish residential homes are connected to district heating- not only for space heating but also for domestic hot water. Also, the overall energy efficiency has been significantly higher than when producing heat and power using CHP than when they are produced separately.

Advantages of Thermax’s Heat Pumps:


  • 40% savings can be attained in external heat source consumption for generating hot water as compared to conventional hot water generator.
  • If the cooling water is being used as a low temperature heat source, the heat rejections in the cooling tower will reduce correspondingly by 40%. Thus, the evaporating losses will also reduce.
  • There is reduction in CO2 emissions due to lower fuel consumption.

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