Thermax continues to strengthen its footing in Iran

Iran is one of the leading markets to which Thermax has attached utmost importance. Over the past five years or so, the Thermax Cooling business has worked on a number of large projects and will continue to do so. Thermax has sold over 100 chillers across various sectors in Iran.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for other businesses of Thermax in the Iranian market which is conducive to growth and modernisation. Apart from Cooling, Thermax’s diverse business portfolio also includes products form heating, water and waste management, power and speciality chemicals.

Thermax aims at becoming the leading energy and environment solution provider in Iran by providing competitive edge to businesses with our superior solution offerings and community goodwill, as is on the global scale.

As of March ’15, Thermax generates eco-friendly vapour absorption chilling of 1.7 million tons of refrigeration while our green energy based power generation is at 8331 MW.

With 50 years experience in the business, Thermax has been uplifting the faith and loyalty of its customers worldwide regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of waste, promoting sustainability and respect for the environment making us an ideal partner for businesses in Iran and the world over.


Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Iran. Owing to the increase in national and international investment, the Iranian construction industry has grown considerably in the past few years. Driven by a growing young population as well as increased government funding on infrastructure projects, the growth of the construction sector in Iran  for the future looks optimistic.

The growing construction sector is one of the major drivers for the demand for  HVAC&R industry in Iran. Due to the construction of malls, towers and other smart buildings there is a growing demand for new centralized systems.

The climate of Iran is another crucial factor that drives the demand for opportunities for HVAC&R in the country. Iran experiences varying climate throughout the year. It experiences long, hot summers with temperatures rising to an average maximum of 37°C (99°F) and short, cold winters with temperatures falling as low as -3°C (27°F).

Thus, for HVAC&R industries and the construction sector in Iran, heating is as important as cooling and refrigeration.

Iran as a country with many advantages such as geopolitical position,  availability of ample raw materials, suitable mineral reserves, low-cost manpower and energy needs to swiftly adapt to worldwide changes and develop in order to be able to compete on a global scale.

Within this context, Thermax will continue to peruse business-to-business partnerships with Iran through our energy-efficient, environment friendly and innovative products and solutions.

Some of Thermax’s prestigious projects in Iran:





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