One with the Olympic spirit: higher, faster, stronger!

With the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic games coming to an end on Sunday August 21, 2016, what better way to motivate your own team than by organising your very own Sports Day for all the employees at work. Thermax China did just that by organising a Summer Sports Meet for all the employees on August 22, 2016.

This fun-filled sporting event received full participation from all the employees who didn’t let the hot sun reduce their enthusiasm. Those who didn’t join in the games directly formed a ‘cheering squad’ that supported, clapped and encouraged their colleagues  who competed in different games.

Before the start of the games, a fun warm-up session was conducted. Games like football, table tennis, badminton and  4 X 100 running relay race were organised. It was indeed delightful to see  employees bring their A-game to the table for each of the sports.

The idea behind organising this Sports Meet was to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and team-spirit, which in turn helps boost the morale, productivity and results at work.

Overall, it’s safe to conclude that ‘a team that plays together stays together ! ’

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4 thoughts on “One with the Olympic spirit: higher, faster, stronger!

  1. That’s the Spirit….. Sports activities always keeps you together and sportsman spirit develops positive attitude in you. It also keeps you fit and healthy. Congrats to you all for taking this on immediately on the following day of last day of Rio-Olympics. Continue the spirit…….All the best.

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