Always Cool, Always Fresh!

India has huge potential to produce different kinds of commodities such as potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and dairy products. Unfortunately, these cannot be stored for a sufficient period due to the lack of storage facilities at the desired temperature and humidity conditions. The hard reality is India lacks the required quantity of cold storages in operational conditions.

Challenges faced by Cold Storages in India

The major concerns that the Indian cold storage sector faces are power supply, lack of trained personnel, outdated technology and infrastructure. However, erratic power supply and shortage of electricity still remain the biggest impediment in the development of the cold storage industry in India.

Different commodities require different cooling temperatures making it a low financial viability. Any fluctuating temperatures can affect the quality and shorten the product shelf life.

Since most of the cold storage facilities are not mobile and are stationed at different locations, many a times commodities like fruits and vegetables perish even before reaching the cold storage facilities.

Another challenge is that there is lack of awareness in the market regarding cooling options available for cold storages.

One of the major reasons for the rising rate of food inflation in India is the lack of supply chain for food, where the cold chain plays an integral part. A robust cold chain helps in reducing the wastage and the prices of the commodities. Thus, creating a viable cold chain is the need of the hour.

Cold Storage Cooling Solutions by Thermax

Thermax has always given prime importance to energy conservation. Our Evaporative Condensers are prominently known for their ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Thermax offers evaporative condensers in various materials of construction like carbon steel, hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel.

It is known that the total heat of refrigeration is rejected in condensers. There are three main types of condensers: air cooled condensers, water cooled condensers and evaporative condensers. Indian Cold Storage industries rely heavily on refrigeration compressors. Thermax’s range of evaporative condensers can be connected to these refrigeration compressors and can be used for cooling application. For example, they can be connected to the reciprocating compressor or screw compressor.

Apart from the Evaporative Condenser, Thermax’s energy efficient solutions like the Hybrid Chiller, Chiller-heater and 1 degree chiller can be used to meet the cooling requirements of the customers with the lowest energy consumption and to maximize their profit.

Our success is based on our reliability, promptness and environment friendly technology making Thermax a trusted Cooling partner for your business. We use our expertise to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current and future requirements, in order to provide you with a customized cooling solution.



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