TECH TALK: Thermax’s Ultra-low pressure Vapour Driven VAM for Food Processing Industries

Babu P, Head of Innovations for Thermax’s Cooling Division talks about the Ultra Low Pressure VAM, it’s application and advantages


Please introduce your Ultra low pressure Vapour driven VAM technology. What is the one special feature of your product that sets you apart from others?

The Ultra low pressure Vapour driven VAM technology uses very low pressure water vapour (close to atmospheric pressure of 1.01325 bar) as the heat source for running the Vapour Absorption machine.It can also recover the water which otherwise emitted into the atmosphere as vapour.This technology also use low pressure water vapour along with non-condensable gases (like air,nitrogen etc)

In what type of applications can it be used?

This technology can be used in food processing industries like Potato chips frying, Noodles etc. where lot of water vapour at atmospheric pressure is emitted through the chimney.This can also be used in Chemicals and Petro chemical industries where the emitted low pressure water vapour along with some non-condensable gases can be recovered through cooling tower water.

Please tell us about the most innovative, or the latest, case study involving this technology

A leading  food and beverage company placed an order with Thermax for an Ultra-low pressure absorption chiller for their manufacturing plant in India. The company was involved in the manufacture of potato chips. Potato has 75% water content and upon frying it gets converted into low pressure vapour. Generally this vapour is released in the atmosphere with the help of an Induced Draft fan inside the chimney. Thermax’s 500 TR absorption chiller utilizes this vapour to provide air-conditioning in the production area of the facility which otherwise would have been let off in the atmosphere. The condensate from absorption chiller is utilized for raw potato washing and thus resulting in substantial savings.

What savings are achieved on average and what are the installation costs and return on this investment in comparison with other conventional chillers?

Through this technology, Thermax encourages the customer to make energy-saving cooling choices and shortens the payback time.The savings in power consumption is 2.9 million units per annum, while the carbon emission savings per annum is 4000 tons on a VAM of 500 TR (1750 Kw) which is used for air-conditioning application. By utilizing this technology the customer is also able to achieve water savings of 24000 m3 /annum.

In which industries/region do you see the biggest potential for this Ultra low pressure Vapour driven VAM technology and why?
This product can have good potential in Food processing industries across the globe where air conditioning and process chilling are required.

What technology, product or innovation do you plan to introduce to the market next?Our innovation team is currently working on the High efficiency double effect
absorption chiller.


One thought on “TECH TALK: Thermax’s Ultra-low pressure Vapour Driven VAM for Food Processing Industries

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