Go Green without actively changing your lifestyle

You’ll be surprised how even the  smallest everyday lifestyle choices can put you more in sync with nature. It’s more a matter of awareness about your life, your surroundings and your daily habits.

The best way to put more “green” into your life is to reduce the amount of resources and goods you’re using, not simply buying more “green” products. Choosing a sustainable, greener lifestyle means you actively make decisions about your food, transportation and energy use that don’t compromise resources for future generations.

It’s important to remember that if the planet stays healthy, you stay healthy.

Eat fresh food

While imported and packaged foods are easily available in supermarkets, the best way to avoid eating those is by choosing to spend on fruits and vegetables which are sold fresh off the produce and are also free from chemicals. Buying fresh food means reducing packaging and energy used for processing. Choosing organic food means helping promote organic agriculture and responsible land use. It also helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Save Water

Water conservation not only saves us money, it saves energy as well and ensures the health and well-being of our bodies and our environment. A dripping tap can waste up to 10 litres of water a day and a running tap five litres per minute. It is important to use water judiciously. Make it a point to close taps that you see simply running or to fix a leaking faucet.

Commute smart

While everyone loves travelling in the comfort of their car, you also add on to the already existing pollution that we are constantly trying to battle with. Instead of taking a rickshaw for a short distance travel, you can easily walk it up. This will not only help you save money along with reducing pollution but also keep you in shape.

Efficient use of phones and laptops

Let’s face it: most of us can’t do without our phones or laptops for more than a day. They have become an indispensable part of our life.In a survey conducted internationally; people replace their phones every two years. It is believed that greenhouse gas emissions from phones which are on charge are expected to double from 6.4 megatons to 13 megatons. Also, when you are not using your computer or laptop, it is advisable to turn off the monitor and save electricity.

What’s really important to get started is an attitude of contentment – it’s easy to desire lots of ‘stuff’ but living with less is ALWAYS the greener choice. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! There’s so much freedom in simplicity.


About Thermax: Thermax’s energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies offer reliable business-to-business partnerships to respond to the critical environmental challenge. They provide the competitive edge to your enterprise to make its mark with superior offerings and community goodwill. The company’s vision for the future is firmly anchored in the belief that to stay competitive, companies need to adopt sustainable development practices.


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