Thermax’s chiller-heaters for New York’s Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project


Thermax will be supplying four multi-energy absorption chiller-heaters for the Hudson Yards Development Project in Manhattan, New York by May 2016. The equipment will provide chilled and hot water for air-conditioning.

Each chiller is designed for 664 TR of cooling and 4280 MBH heating. They are driven by exhaust gases and heat from jacket water coming from 3.3 MW GE Jenbacher natural gas engines which generate electricity for the buildings.

The $20 billion Hudson project spread across 28 acres includes commercial and residential space, shops, restaurants and a luxury hotel. The City of New York, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the State of New York have collaborated on extraordinary planning initiatives to create a development program that will transform the Hudson Yards area into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented mixed-use district. The new Hudson Yards district will accommodate a major and vital expansion of the Midtown central business district, as well as job growth and new housing for the City’s growing population.



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