In most of the industries substantial amount of energy is consumed in generating hot water and refrigeration effect. If these process operations of heating and chilling are made more efficient, then significant amount of energy consumption can be reduced. Thermax with the aim of providing energy efficient and environment friendly solution for such applications has come up with a Heat Pump using its Vapour absorption technology.

Heat Pump is a perfect concept to meet the needs of Hot water requirement where simultaneous air-conditioning or refrigeration requirement exists.

Thermax’s absorption heat pumps drive heat from a lower temperature to medium temperature, using high grade energy. Thermax heat pumps utilise steam, hot water, exhaust, fuel, geothermal energy or any combination of these heat sources, to pump heat, saving approximately 35% of heat energy.

Thermax Heat Pumps utilize twin types of heat sources readily available in any industry-

  • Low grade heat from cooling water which is normally rejected in cooling tower. This ensures lower heat duty of cooling tower and lesser evaporative losses
  • In addition to cooling  water, heat pump uses another high grade heat like fuel firing for its operations

Since part heat recovery is done from cooling water, fuel quantity required is lower that required in conventional hot water generators.





  • Waste heat source : 40oC – 35oC, Typically cooling water
  • Driving heat source: 180oC – 160oC
  • Product hot water: 60oC – 90oC
  • For every 1.7 Kcal of heat added to the hot water by heat pump 0.7 Kcal is free
  • i.e. 40% savings in Heating
  • Reduction in Cooling tower heat duties

Here, 40% of fuel consumption required for hot water generation (Q2) is recovered from the waste heat rejected in the cooling water. Hence not only does the fuel consumption for heating is reduced, the heat rejection in cooling tower also reduces

Benefits of Heat Pump: The benefits of this product can be outlined as-

  • Low grade Waste Heat source: Geothermal, cooling tower water, heat from flue gas condensation, low temperature hot water from engine etc
  • Hot water upto 90 deg C: For district heating, process heating or Boiler feed water heating
  • Energy Savings: 40% savings in driving heat source
  • Faster Return on Investment: Shorter payback period, lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Lower electrical consumption for chilling as compared to compression chillers
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (carbon credits) due to lower fuel consumption
  • Reduction in the scope of utilities to be handled daily as single products is used in place of two systems, thus reducing operating costs.

Application:Thermax’s absorption heat pumps offer highly efficient heating as well as cooling. Within industrial settings, heat pumps also deliver unparalleled process efficiency to meet the most exacting industrial heating and cooling requirements. Heat pumps can be used in any process where hot water up to 90 °C is needed, and a low temperature waste heat source, like cooling water, is available for heat recovery


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