Case-Study:Thermax’s heat pump saves 40% energy at Asia Silicon in China

pOur customer, Asia Silicon (Qinghai) Co. Ltd based in Xining, China placed an order with Thermax for a heat pump with capacity of 4450 kW. The Thermax heat pump was utilized to raise the temperature of waste hot water from 108°C to 152°C leading to optimum utilization of energy.

Asia Silicon (Qinghai) Co. Ltd engages in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of silicon and poly-silicon products to solar energy equipment makers

Project description

At the customer’s site, the waste hot water at 108°C from the hydrogenation furnace and the reduction furnace is fed to the heat pump and the temperature was raised to 152°C. The saturated vapour at 152°C when cooled to 145°C can be used to heat the hydrogenation furnace and the reduction furnace  to help them  attain their working temperature (110°C -130°C ) when it is cooled to 145°C. This is an unique application given by Thermax in poly-silicon industry.


  • The installation of our heat pump resulted in saving 30%-40% energy at the customer’s site.
  • The customer was able to make savings of 10-20 % on manufacturing of poly-silicon products.

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