Thermax Profetherm’s chillers support BBC’s Energy Management

By selecting a gas turbine CHPC  system, BBC could produce electricity at a mere 2.5 pence/kw/hr, whereas purchasing electricity from a regional electric company would cost 4.1 pence/kw/hr. The CHPC system was compatible with energy saving absorption machines. The existing electric centrifugal machines were replaced as they were very expensive to operate even though they were only half way through their operating life.

Thermax’s vapour absorption chillers also reduced BBC’s electrical loads that would be required for air-conditioning. This brought down the size of the Gas Turbine, ensuring a shorter payback for the entire system.

In this way, BBC could utilize waste heat generated by the turbine to cater to the energy requirements for air-conditioning.

The energy source to drive the machine became effectively free and annual operating expense was virtually eliminated. Then, by selecting a heat recovery boiler BBC could utilize waste heat generated by the turbine to power its heating requirement linked to its existing steam boiler.

In this way, the cost of supplying gas to these boilers could also be considerable reduced or eliminated.

The CHPC system could thus help BBC in saving 1 million pounds annually and reduce the television centre’s energy cost by 35% per year. This meant that the cost of installing the CHPC system could be paid back within 2.5 years.  Apart from this, BBC could also achieve the government’s target of reducing CO2 emission by 15%.


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