Thermax’s Triple effect vapour absorption chiller, the world’s highest efficiency absorption chiller is befitted for the industrial and commercial consumers as a viable energy efficient alternative with a COP of 1.8 as against double effect vapour absorption chiller (1.4). Driven by various heat sources such as hot water, steam, exhaust and direct fuel fired,  it uses high pressure steam (15-25 bar) which ensures reduction in utilities (PRDS unit) as well as optimum utilization of heat source. The system utilizes smaller size cooling tower due to lower heat load and also ensures water saving by reducing evaporation loss (10-12%). The Lowest Libr concentration in highest temperature zone makes Thermax’s absorption chiller least prone to corrosion.

 This revolutionary new technology has enabled 25-30% more output from engine exhaust, 25-30% lower fuel consumption for direct fired and reduction in C02 emission by 30% making it the greenest absorption machine available.

Its benefits are already cherished by some prominent organizations including Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Limited, Solar Energy Centre (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government Of India) with a capacity of 350 KW and 100 KW respectively.

The green energy system is ideal for segments like Hotel, IT parks, malls that require large air conditioning loads.


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