Know Our Products: Dry Cooler

With 50 years of expertise in the field of Heat Transfer, we at Thermax Profetherm  help you to extract even the last calorie available at your facility. Solution in the form of absorption chillers, dry coolers, air condensers, closed loop cooling towers are used in more than 100 applications and over 50 industrial segments for air conditioning, industrial cooling/ heating.

The dry cooler offers a cooling solution in water scarce regions by reducing water consumption to zero .This would mean no water treatment, no make up water cost apart from sustainable water savings. We at Thermax Profetherm deliver a promise for optimized solutions enabling you to maximize your profit, making you water independent and environmentally sustainable.

Some salient features of the dry coolers we offer include:

Slims down maintenance cost by eliminating
Scale formation
Make up water
Water treatment
Trims your power consumption with
Efficient system as per your requirement
Eliminates breakdown and production loss
Space no constraint
Adopts a modular system design reducing space requirement
Environmentally benign
Eliminates risks of Legionella formation


Applications of Thermax’s Dry Coolers

  • Furnace cooling in steel, casting and forging industries
  • Cooling of HT and LT water circuits in diesel/gas generators
  • Air compressor cooling (after cooler/inter cooler/jacket cooler)
  • Cooling of hydrocarbon vapours and utility services in refineries
  • Rollers cooling in rubber industries
  • Injection moulding machine cooling
  • Any high temperature cooling applications

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