1.5 degree chiller in belgium

Thermax Profetherm expanded the reach of its innovative products in the overseas market with yet another footprint for its low temperature chilled water based system in Europe.

Thermax Profetherm will supply 1.5 °C chilled water (without glycol) absorption chiller to a food major in Belgium. The chilled water is used for process cooling (few processes requiring 1.5 °C water).

There are different sources for hot water: gas boilers, cogeneration (gas engines), wood boiler and exhaust recovery from pasteurization. There are three big storages at various temperatures; and hot water temperature may vary depending on availability. The source of hot water to be utilized will depend on the weather conditions and the availability.

Earlier this year, Thermax successfully tested the machine at 2°C, so customer was finally convinced to go ahead with order of 1.5 °C machine. The customer is expanding and also trying to present itself to market as a green company. So they need more cooling for their growth and also more absorption cooling to save energy.

The company intends to entirely replace the existing electrical chillers and keep it only as back up. They are also interested in replicating the same technology in their plants in UK and France.


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