KNOW OUR PRODUCTS: Closed loop cooling tower

Closed Loop Cooling Tower

Thermax Profetherm’s Closed  Loop Cooling Towers offer highly efficient cooling solutions, by completely isolating the process cooling fluid from the atmosphere. Isolating the process cooling fluid prevents airborne contaminants from entering the system, protecting the quality of the fluid and reducing system maintenance due to fouling. Reduced fouling ensures full thermal performance throughout the life of the product, and minimizes system operating costs.

Salient Features

Easy Maintenance

  •  Due to hinged access doors on each end walls, easy access to the cold water basin, drift eliminators, fan drive and heat transfer coil is possible.

Electronic descaling system

  • Special feature added to ensure prevention of deterioration of waterquality caused by corrosion, suspended particulates, etc.

Lower Drift losses

  •  Drift losses as per CTI norms.

Higher Reliability

  •  Negligible chances of leakage due to continuous coils.

Environmentally benign

  • Reduces risk of Legionella formation

Thermodynamically Efficient

  • 3°C approach from wet bulb temperature can be achieved.

Application Industry

  •  Steel
  • Tyre
  •  Food &  Beverages
  •  Automobile
  •  Glass
  •  Paper & Pulp

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