CASE STUDY: Thermax provides chiller for solar cooling of a medical centre in USA

Industry: Medical Centre Status: Installed in 2010
                   Medical Centre
                 Installed in 2010

Project Snapshot

Client   :  Chromasun
End Customer  :  Crow Canyon Medical  Center (CCMC)
Location         :  Danville, CA, USA
Total capacity    :  50 TR (175 kW)
Application    : Air-conditioning at Medical Centre
Energy Source    :  338°F hot water heated by  solar ray
Chilled In/Out :   66°F/54°F (19°C /12°C)

Project Overview

Thermax’s installation at a medical centre located in California is the first solar thermal system to provide air cooling and heating, and domestic water heating for a U.S medical facility. Here,50 TR high temperature hot water is driven in the two stage chiller with back-up firing option has been installed at facility to cool the office area of 64,000 sq. ft. It is a complete energy efficient heating and cooling system which uses solar energy to generate the hot water.

Project Description

A primary business goal for our client was to operate one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings showcasing the potential of solar thermal technology to offset  both cooling (electricity) and water heating (natural gas) in the U.S. hospital industry. The medical centre  has 75 Chomasun MCT of 3352 sq. ft. collector area total which gives hot water of 338°F which gives energy to run the 50 TR chiller delivering 54°F water. This water is circulated  to cool the air for comfort cooling in the office area of 64,000 sq. ft. thus saving 145 MW-hr of electricity per year. It reduces carbon emission by 102 tons per year which is equivalent to the emission from 26 cars.


-By installing Thermax’s chiller, our client was able to make savings in power of about 145 MW-hr/year.

-We also helped them in the reduction of carbon emissions of about 102 Tons/year which is equivalent to the emission from 26 cars.



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