Largest Tri-generation project for Textile Giant in Bangladesh

An industrial conglomerate from Bangladesh placed an order with Thermax for nine vapour absorption chillers for its textile plant in Dhaka. SMM group is an existing Thermax customer and this is the single largest value order
from Bangladesh till date.

The client  is in the process of expanding and refurbishing its existing plant. and so  has recently purchased 10 nos. x 1.5 MWM engines from Caterpillar in Bangladesh. The major textile companies in Bangladesh have abundant supply of natural gas through piped connections for power generation.

This natural gas triggers the IC engine and the exhaust is recovered using absorption chillers.Thermax will supply 9 nos. x 500 NTR absorption chillers which will be triggered using exhaust and jacket water of these engines. The chilled water will be used to maintain temperature and humidity of the production area.

Largest Tri-generation project for Textile Giant in Bangladesh SMM textiles operate a spinning mill wherein the temperature and humidity are to be maintained at particular levels in the production area. The spinning mills have rotors operating at high rpm, hence generating heat. As the temperature increases the humidity levels reduce significantly therefore calling for a humidification plant which increases the humidity. In this case if the temperature and humidity levels go up the cotton is bound to absorb moisture in the atmosphere hence hampering the quality of the fabric yarn.


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